1,500-Year-Old Mummy Found Wearing ADIDAS Boots And Everyone Is Freaking Out

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Archeologists often come up with discoveries that make us realize that the world we are living in has nothing new. The things and technologies we have at present are just the modified forms of themselves from the ancient times. The recent discovery adds some weight to the above statement.

Researchers have recently dug out the thousand years old marks of one of the most famous brands of sportswear, Adidas. They have found remains of a woman in Mongolia who died about 1,500 years ago, wearing sports shoes which are identical to that of Adidas. The rare discovery made them engaged in further more studies over it.

Let’s see what the discovery reveals about Adidas or sports shoes’ history.

Archeologists have discovered partial remains of a woman who is believed to have died around 1,500 years ago.


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