20 unforgettable things my mom taught me

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Thinking about your childhood can sure bring up some mighty tragi-farcical memories. But, above all else, you feel gratitude. Immense, enormous gratitude!

No one in the world understands you better than your mom. Even when she’s telling you off, her words carry invaluable life lessons. Those are the lessons you’ll never forget — particularly if you have a sense of humor!

We here at Bright Side hope that the following list will bring back smile-inducing recollections — for you and your mother.

  1. My mom taught me to respect other people’s labor: ’All right boys, if you’re going to tear each other’s heads off — do it outside! I’ve just cleaned the floor!’
  1. My mom taught me to believe in something higher: ’You’d better pray this yuckiness comes off in the wash!’
  1. My mom taught me to think logically: ’Why? Because I say so, that’s why!’
  1. My mom taught me to consider the consequences of my actions: ’If you fall out of this window now, don’t even think about asking me to take you to the mall this afternoon!’
  1. My mom introduced me to the notion of cause and effect: ’Quit crying, or I’ll spank you!’
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