Draining the main vein, sprinkle your tinkle, going to talk to a man about a horse, taking a whiz, breaking the seal, or going number one…it doesn’t matter how you say it, this article is all about pee.

The thing is that we all pee. Everyone. All of us. We do it multiple times a day, but do we ever stop to think about it? Nope. So, I thought I would lay it all out for you. Why? Because you might be curious. Because useless knowledge about gross topics is always handy to have if there is ever a lull in a conversation. Because when it comes to strange topics like pee, we are all oddly fascinated.

So here is everything you need, want, or don’t want to know about urine.

1. Urine Therapy

In parts of the world, such as Germany, people drink their urine. The idea is that your body doesn’t absorb all of the nutrients that you consume, but rather pees out the extra. Rather than letting those nutrients get flushed away, you catch the pee and drink it to make sure that you absorb all the nutrients you’ve consumed. The urine should be morning urine and caught midstream. Also, the people drinking their urine should be avoiding salty foods and drinking a lot of water.

1. Urine Therapy
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2. How big is your stream?

Women’s urine streams are typically wider than men’s. Apparently, having sex and giving birth also widens the stream.