Break pasta into your slow cooker. With this on top? You’ll be scraping the pot for more

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Slow cooker lasagna

The days of spending hours slaving over a pan of homemade lasagna are gone. This simple slow cooker recipe will let you enjoy the popular Italian dish in just a few easy steps. Containing all the essential ingredients of the perfect lasagna (cheese and a zesty meat sauce), you may want to add this dish to your favorite’s list.
Sarah, from Average Betty, attempted this dish for the first time and rated the recipe a success, so beginning lasagna-chefs need not fear.
To start, add 16-ounces of ricotta cheese to a medium bowl, make a small crevice in the center of the cheese and add 1 large egg, beaten, and 3 tablespoons of half and half. Mix well. Add a quarter teaspoon of salt for extra flavor and stir.
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