Our 19-week son lived only minutes after birth, but has touched thousands

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I began the day enjoying a pedicure with the bride to be and very good friend Megan along with her mom Cathy and all of her bridesmaids. We had an pleasant lunch and ran a couple of errands and then were headed home to start preparing for the rehearsal.

Starting on the Tuesday before I had some mild spotting. It was never anything much and dark brown, a normal pregnancy occurrence. I never had any pain at any point. On Friday I noticed that the spotting started to turn somewhat more pink.

Hearing the heartbeat immediately put me at ease and I just sat waiting on the doctor to show up.

Finally a PA or NP, I can’t remember what she was, showed up and indicated that the doctor would be back and do a vaginal exam and send me for an ultrasound. Then we sat and waited some more… finally the doctor showed up and said he wasn’t doing a vaginal exam and I would be going to ultrasound, then he left.

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