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Home remedies may seem promising, but many do not work, or are based on unsubstantiated and false information.

For example, there is a remedy that states that if you have a cold to stick orange peels up your nose and run in circles under a chestnut tree.  It is true that vitamin C helps with colds which runs strong in oranges, but the rest of that dance certainly does not help much.

These 14 home remedies are ones that are proven to work, whether by trial or by science, and they will absolutely come in handy one day, so check them out to get the inside scoop:

1.) Mouthwash For Feet

The anti-bacterial properties of mouth wash can really help your feet out! If you have any type of toenail or foot fungus, just soak them in some of this great antibacterial fluid and your woes will be gone!


2.) Black Tea For Sunburns

If you have a burnt area of skin, don’t worry, just grab some black tea.  wet the tea bags, and then apply pressure on them to your skin in the burned areas.  The antioxidants in the tea will sooth your burns away.


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