Press store-bought dough into your slow cooker for a dinner kids will love

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Pizza recipe uses slow cooker to get hot and crispy crust

Not everything made in your slow cooker needs to be a stew, soup or meat. Surprisingly, your slow cooker is a lot more versatile than you think. While slow cookers fittingly have a reputation for taking an insanely long time to cook meat, they can get the job done quickly if you need them to, depending on what you’re making.

Case in point, this seriously awesome pizza recipe from Sara of Average Betty. Using store-bought dough and a little bit of TLC, she created a crispy, crunchy pizza crust in only a fraction of the time it usually takes a slow cooker to make dinner!

Sara uses just ordinary store-bought pizza dough here. Though you could make your own, the whole point of the recipe is to make things quick and easy. A good store-bought dough should do the trick here just fine. 

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