Put these 3 ingredients in a slow cooker for pork chops that melt in your mouth

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3 ingredient pork chops are full of flavor and easy to make

Most would have you believe that cooking a flavorful pork chop requires an abundance of herbs, spices or sauces. However, the great thing about pork is that it has the potential to absorb flavors pretty well and can cook into a really juicy and tender piece of meat.

This quick and easy recipe from Cindy Lott uses only three ingredients (one of which is pork chops) to make a delicious dinner. Cream of chicken soup and some pre-packaged ranch dressing mix flavor the pork chops while you just leave the whole thing to cook in the slow cooker. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

Start out by placing your four pork chops, washed, inside of the slow cooker.

Next you’ll add a can of cream of chicken soup. The important thing to note is that you’ll have to add an equal amount of water as well (just fill the same can up with water and add that into the slow cooker).
Cindy then adds a store-bought packet of ranch dressing mix. You don’t necessarily have to add the whole thing, however, while it may seem like a lot, the mixture does get watered down as it cooks.
Let the pork chops cook for six hours or so on the low setting and once they’re done, you’re ready to serve!
Drizzle some of that gravy over some rice and serve them alongside some corn like Cindy did here or shred the pork and put it in a bun as a sandwich!
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