She Found An Old Desk At A Garage Sale And Cut It In HALF! Then, She Put The Two Ends In Their BEDROOM!

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After finding a broken desk at a garage sale, she made it into the perfect piece of furniture for her bedroom!

There doesn’t seem like a good enough reason on the planet to cut a desk in HALF, right?

Well, Gail from the blog, My Repurposed Life, sure proved us wrong when she turned an old desk that she bought at a garage sale for $15 into beautiful dresser for her bedroom!

She started by looking at the desk to see what she had to work with.

“The first thing I noticed was the missing middle drawer,” Gail wrote on her blog post about the furniture project. “No biggie, since I knew I was going to be deconstructing the piece to repurpose it.”

After further inspection though, Gail realized just how badly in shape the desk was and how much it would take to save it. That’s when she decided to chop it up!


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