She Glues Doilies To A Balloon. Seeing The Finished Result – I Have To Make This For My Room!

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DIY projects are great ways to save money and put your creative and artistic skills to the test. While some of us may avoid DIY projects because they are time-consuming and tiring to do, the DIY project featured below is the complete opposite.

I love this particular craft because it’s cheap and easy to do. I completed this project in under 2 hours this past weekend, so I am sure you can do it just as fast (if not faster) too.

In the video below, Sarah from Seventeen magazine shows how to decorate any bedroom using a DIY doily lantern. All you need are doilies, a balloon, Elmer’s glue (Mod Podge works as well), a paintbrush, flour, Vaseline, and a hanging light.

To start, blow the balloon up; It should be the size of your lantern. Next, cover the balloon in petroleum jelly (if you are using Mod Podge then skip this step.) In another bowl, mix glue, flour, and water together. Place the doilies on the ballon, then coat them with your glue mixture. Let the doilies dry.

Using a needle, pop the balloon in the center. The doilies will have hardened into a sphere that you can use. Put your light inside the hole, and then plug it in. That’s it!

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