This Tiger’s Violent Reaction To Being Woken Up Is All Of Us

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There’s only one person I know who loves getting up in the morning and that’s my six-month-old son. He doesn’t know that life sucks yet, I guess. But from the split second that little booger opens his eyes and sees me, he’s already got a smile on his face. It’s kinda inspiring to see how much he loves life. It almost inspires me to wake up without being so cranky.


I’ll be honest, getting roused from sleep ranks up there with going to the dentist for me — I’d probably sleep for 20 hours a day if I could do it without ruining my life and the lives of my loved ones.

And apparently this tiger at the Dublin zoo who was just minding his business, indulging deep cat nap feels the same way.


The tiger’s just minding its own business when its nosy pal comes up and rouses them from their nap. It doesn’t end well.

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